Coffee Play: Earthlings Coffee Workshop in Kuching, Malaysia

The most traded commodities in the world is... crude oil, most of us can't live without crude oil. Drive your car, oil; on the light, oil(electricity), using plastic, oil. Oil drives our world around and powers our energy needs by our everyday activity...

Now guess what is the second most traded commodities in the world... gas? gold? silver? rice? wheat? sugar? 

Turn out the second most traded commodities in the world is coffee... Is not needed to power our car, our lights; is not needed to ensure our survivors (prime energy source in diet) and it is not a currency. But it is still the second most traded commodities in the world with around 2.25 billion cups of coffee served on a daily basis.

Being a coffee addict, I drink coffee on daily basis. Even when I travels, I would make effort to stop by the local cafe and try out their local cup of joe. That sometimes poses a problem to me, as I had tried better coffee elsewhere, living in Kuching means I have to miss the coffee abroad as good coffee is hard to find back in my hometown.

That is until the opening of this cafe:
Earthlings Coffee workshop 

Designed by Shongen Lee from Four Interior Designs Earthlings Coffee workshop presents itself in a style of Warm and Cozy cafe at Kuching City One Mall Side Entrance. 

Using same colour as roasted coffee beans as main element, it gives a warm welcoming feeling which makes one want to stay longer. The overhang yellow light bulbs add in and enhanced the effect. Feels more like a suburban cafe than a city cafe...

What's more important than design, is the staffs and owners. Kenny (black shirt guy facing camera), is one of the founder of the cafe. Together with Raven (guy with white collar), they don't want just sell coffee or latte; they want to sell coffee culture. If you happened to visit the cafe they will more than happier to share their knowledge of coffee to you. 

My favourite is their vast variety of single origin coffee. They have built up a vast network of supply chain that you almost find something new in the menu every time you visit (unless you visit on daily basis or several time in a day XD). This is my order red cherry in the brew:

With the beans precisely weighted before grinding...

One of the coffee tools I would like to have:

Controlling to reach the perfect temperature to brew a perfect hand drip coffee...

Handsome barista(owner) Raven carefully adding in the perfect temperature water onto the drip hopper... Even dripping time must control precisely in order to brew out the most of the coffee perfectly... *a side note, his latte art is also very good :D

And it is usually served together with a cup of plain water (not shown in pic) to let you wash your mouth to taste the different taste of coffee at different stages...

Coffee tools (or toys?) displayed on the shelf:

Some cute TIKI carving displayed...

Rose's favourite, latte with art

With all the nice setting and coffee, this is a nice hangout place for friends...

Macchiato ordered by Ah Burn(owner of pink finger nails) 

Be sure to visit this amazing cafe when you have time :)

On the final, some disclaimer : THIS IS NOT A PAID POST. Someone tell me I so hardcore promote until it looked like a paid post. But no, it is not. I just think the cafe is nice and want to share :D
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  1. are you PAID for this post?? Write till so nice one !!!

  2. har?? no wor... I am just write it nice because it is very nice mar... *PS: Kenny, if you happened to read this, just treat me a bag of panama geisha can already :P*

  3. isit a PAID post? hahahahaha!!!


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