Planning and Do Don'ts on Your First Date

How ancient people attract people on first sight?

Show your masculinity...which still pretty works nowadays... killing your competition is illegal now though...

Show your talent...which is still pretty much effective today...

Staying alive during crisis time

Show off... and talk the sweet talk...

Show your guts...

Erm... well...


Come to think of it things has not changed much since early of mankind. Now that you got her/him interested in you, the next step should be the first date. Since Ming and Rose already blogged about what guys should not do during the first date, I am supposed to blog about what girls should not do. But do excuse me if I crossed back to guys' occasionally...

Preparing for a date

Free yourself up
If you are able to, try suggest the date in weekend where your schedule and mind is most free. Try to finish any pressing business e-mails, return calls,task or whatever that might distract you at a time when you should be focusing on your date. You want to be able to leave on time on date night with a carefree  relaxed mind. 
Tony is not pleased when the world needs him
 while he is shopping for surprise gift

Setting the mood
We are not teaching you to be a cheater here but yes, you can let him see and accept the woman who will  frazzled, depressed, or balled up in a corner... IN FUTURE! Not on first date. Try to not to go directly after work as it is not easy to switch mood from work mode to date mode. Even superman needs a telephone booth to change mode. Go back home, have a nice shower or get a hair wash. It should help to turn the inner beautiful vibrant you out.

As illustrated, telephone booth is important for changing mode

Dressed up!
No matter if you are nerdy type, sexy hot type or the girl next door, some suggestions universally apply. First, find out where you're going and you might wanna dress for the correct occasion.  Consider the weather. If cold and wet weather, you might want something warm (guys, bring a jacket if you plan to get her to somewhere cold) opposite case, you'll want clothing that keeps you cool, even when you're a little nervous because you don't want him seeing you all sweaty with makeup dripping all over which reminds him of Halloween. 
This one however, should only to be wear during listening to "what the fox says"

It is important to choose something you can stand to wear for five or six hours-clothes you can move in which don't require complicated, torturous foundation garments. Guys, please dont plan a high end dinner right after beach day if you don't want to get rejected at the door, or wait for another 2 hours which ruins both of your mood. Unless your date has magic cloth like this:
one dream dress most women would want for Christmas

While women don't like men to stare at their boobs or asses, it is important that you should not wear too revealing if you don't want your date goes like...


Men is genetically born attracted to women's boobs and asses. If you don't like them pay a little extra attention to your asset, just don't reveal it. 

Staring game, most evilest game ever design for a man 

Speaking of which try to buy new underwear or wear your most precious collection; even if you're the only one who'll see it, it feels pretty and feminine. And too much jewelry is distracting and gives impression of a material girl, so don't overdo the accessories. On the shoes, clean shoes that match your outfit will do. don't do heels if you're not used to wearing a three-inch heels. Finally, even if it's your favorite color, avoid wearing white, especially if you're a little clumsy. You don't want to remind your date and others you just had salad for the rest of the date.  
Red head with tight suit however, is always appropriate 

The War paint
Whether you plan to visit the salon for a touch-up or yourself/you have a friend or relative who'll enjoy playing stylist. It is always advised to experiment with a new styling method but not a drastic change in hairstyle. Apart from basic rules like matching colors that flatter your hair, eyes, and skin tone, and don't clash with your outfit, some note you might want to take over here:

Dress first: you don't want to ruin your carefully chosen masterpiece by pulling a blouse over your head. A clean towel over your shoulders will protect your clothes.

Matching destination: the dark, smoky eye will looks gorgeous under candlelight but will make you look like a zombie and make kid screaming and running at an afternoon picnic.

Keep it light: Most men are turn off by heavy makeups

Nail it before: Do your nail a day before so it has plenty of time to dry

Stuffed up your brain
You are now physically ready, but mentally? many of us goes like this when in first date...

Some said dating is a mental game. Prepare some conversation topics. You're not out to hard sell him yourself, but you do want to get acquainted. By thinking up subjects ahead of time, you'll avoid awkward silences later. You also want to remember your purpose for dating in the first place. Below is some points to note during the date... 

During the date

Here let's not touch on the obvious one like do not be late (there is no such thing as fashionably late), do not go in a mess (you won't if you read the first part) ,and do not lie about yourself... those are basics every person will know so I will not elaborate here...

This fish forgot to brush her teeth this morning

Strategic food to order
It is your first date and you don't want to looked like a cave woman while eating. Try to consider food that does not have many juice that might spilled on you and food that can be easily consume elegantly. If you are a person who gets hungry easily, have a nutrition bar at home so that your conversation will not interrupted by stomach growl. As you probably will go on other activity after dinner, try not to order food that will produce gas... for obvious reason...

Do not act too cool
Yes cool women will have some charisma but don't over do it as it will either turn your date off thinking you are an emo or make you looked like a weird person...

It's okay to drink but don't get drunk
There is a difference between having a couple of cocktails and getting drunk. Limit yourself to having one or two cocktails during dinner. Cocktails are a good way to help loosen up the tension of meeting a new person (for both you and your date) and miraculously gets the conversion going. Too many drinks tend to bring the obnoxious out in everyone...
Beer shower is only appropriate during games and spring break

Keep your cell phone away
Unless of an emergency of course. Talking or texting on your cell phone while on a date is a big NO-NO. Answering calls or texts while on a date doesn't make you look cool and popular, it makes you look rude and uninterested. If YOUR date is on the phone all the time, politely call him/her on it - your date will appreciate your confidence on that. If they continue to be on the phone after you've asked them nicely not to, then maybe that person just isn't the one for you... And that's part of the dating process because you'll have to go through some WRONG people before you meet the RIGHT person.

You are not interviewing for a job
Think of interesting things you can tell him about yourself (which do not involve family problems or relationship baggage). Don't brag about how capable you can work or what kind of fashion you like or don't. Instead, ask questions and listen to your date. Try to create conversation based on the questions and answers she talks to you about. Keep the conversation simple and light-hearted. Try not having debates about religion and politics. Sometimes a mysterious woman(or man) can be more attractive so don't give away your deep emotional secrets on a first date. The fastest way to a second date is not how capable you are; it's more about listening and giving your date the undivided attention he/she deserves.

You are not interviewing him for a job
Many guys are frustrated when a first date turns into a job interview. The opposite of talking about yourself too much is asking too many Human Resource questions about your date. Sure, you want to know about his work. But what else could you ask? Has he travelled anywhere? What are his hobbies? What does he think about (insert movie, book, and current event here)?

Relax,he might just as nervous as you
You’re there to relax, have fun, and enjoy each other's company. If he's not the one, you're a great woman—you'll find someone else. The more relaxed and confident you are, the better your date will go, and the greater the chance there'll be a second. Smile and throw out those charming traits that
you have. Whether you are a storyteller, a comedian, a personality or an intellectual, try to keep your conversation in a comfortable zone for you. If your date asks a question that is not in your comfortable zone, be honest about it and suggest something you prefer to talk about! If this goes back and forth and you two can’t find a level to relate on, then maybe this is not a match between you two. But at least you know now because you were being yourself.

not the best way to just be yourself

Don't be a complain queen
Well, we all do know how annoying a complain queen is right? Yes you can complain and he should listen to your problem, not on first date!

Do not go too far into future 
Even if you desperately want to spend the rest of your life with this man, this is just the first date. Don't throw him with proposals of how you and him will form a family or what... If he is interested in having a long term relationship with you, he will do something about it. There is no need for hint.

Let him be gentleman but don't let him feel you are a gold digger
It is on top list that cheap man will ruin a date while it is also on the top list men should stay away from gold digger. One way to balance it is maybe offer him to pay for the coffee after he had treat you with a nice dinner and concert. He might not let you pay a single cent, but at least the impression of you in his mind will be different.
everybody loves to be treated...

The red zone: Ex
This is probably the most important DON'T advice for a first date. There's no need to share details about your ex or your divorce during the first - there just isn't. If the subject does come up, briefly bring up the things about your ex so that your character will show that you're not ill-fated towards them. There's a time and place when you'll have to talk about your ex, your first date isn't that time and place.
my ex made me pain the car pink...
as a punishment to talk about ex ex...

Nice trick, how you learned to do that?
oh my ex trained me

Wrapping up the day
So what's appropriate? A handshake, a hug, a kiss? Handshakes on a first date are so impersonal; the least that should happen at the end of a first date is a hug and a nice kiss on the cheek. The best that could happen, well… I'll leave that up to your imagination. ;-)

These are for those who is planning what to do than standard dinner movie concert coffee kind of date...

Cooking together date

Dancing date

Running date

Surfing date and if you are lucky a whale will wave hello to you

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