Work happens: Decision making

Imagine one day you were chase by a horse shark(yes horse shark, these creature exist!) in the dark forest and you reaches at a T junction. A path is filled with spooky darkness with eyes looking at you from the dark, you do not know what awaits you; another path is Mario land with cute but man eating plants, ax throwing turtles and noob mushroom, everything is trying its best to kill you. The horse shark is getting close and you do not know which way is safer...

Just a proof that horse shark exist
And you might be end up being eaten by the horse shark because of your hesitation.
Horse shark: 1 ; indecisive human:0...

Very often, we encounter mood changing leader(or boss). Who cannot make firm decision, or changing his mind like a girl changes her cloth. That's fine for question like what to eat in lunch but in business, sometimes the worse decision is a rapid changing, or no decision.

Are you the kind of leader that can make firm decision?
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