Maroon 5's 'Pay Phone' music video is an interesting Play

Maroon 5's single, Payphone is nice to listen to... is a cool song but makes me wonder what the video makers of the music video are trying to tell us. 

In short the video is about a bank robbery, as the hero and diva escaped out of the bank and the cops thought they were accused of being one of the bank robbers, so the hero ended up stealing a car and leaving the diva so she can escape and he can go be a decoy, then the Michael Bay scene starts and the end is where the beginning started in the video.

And I spend 3 minute trying to pull myself back from the Homer Simpson mode the video had made me into.
How do I looked like after watching the video...and how I spend my average weekend...

Ok.. Let's just call our hero...Adam...
Story starts with Gangsta Adam (with blown cars and fire, which I imagined myself when walking to chicks), discovered his phone doesn't work, throwing his faulty phone into flame and trying to use a payphone...

he should have chosen Nokia-Certified tough by SWAT and Thor

 just when we though Adam probably is calling to ....Eve? ... Instead, he called to...


So we found out Adam is just an ordinary white collar who daydreams and peek at hot colleague during work (like most of us), not gangsta, not hulk...

and suddenly a group of robbers charge in...
And our Eve was gun pointed by one of the robber, out of some reason Adam's ball suddenly got huge and the unusual high male hormone causes him to steal a gun from one of the robber and think all of the robbers will be scared by him.

Adam apparently does not very pleased with other ppl's gun pointing at Eve

"Lay down your machine guns Or I will shoot you with this hand gun !"

Let's do a Simple count: There are 6 robbers in the lobby, 2 person stands at the counter high up with great view, 4 of them spread and occupied the hall, only exit is blocked,not to mention the 3 person in the vault which is not shown in the picture... Adam's Logic is to deal with all 9 of them (heavily armed with riffles,shotguns and machine guns), with a mere Pistol!? He is just asking to die...

Of course, it ended this way:

but what happened next, we can be sure that these robbers will never get out of bank alive. Firstly, seriously?! you missed a office guy with a shotgun at distance of one table!?
Then Adam and Eve make a run for their life, the guy with machine gun standing 3 meters away missed them again. Somehow I can't help but to think that Adam is actually "Neo" from matrix
Neo- Ordinary office guy turned super hero

When u meet this 2, just lay down your weapon and play death...
Let's not forget Adam and Eve weren't suit up for matrix shooting spree. So, somehow the robber standing in the way of their escape path give way to them, the guy who is standing on top of the counter did not shoot them in the face, and the one near to the exit just stands there and watch them running away.
to prove that they tried their best , they unleashed their anger on the glass.

Not only the robbers are out of the shooting skills, the cops are out of their mind as well. As Adam and Eve managed to escaped from the bank, there are already cops standing by. Just when we though Adam and Eve are safe, things gets more interesting...Despite of Adam Thrown away his guns immediately and hands up in the air, the police officers shoot at them directly. Leaving them no choice but to run away again.
"ok officer, my weapon on floor hands in the air"
"Hey you are the guy who bought all the donuts this morning! I'll shoot you for this!"

"what did I do to deserve all of this??"
And so Adam and Eve run for their life again, showing us potential of human by running away in office suits and a bare foot chick from well trained police officers.

Then our hero decided to steal a car, be a decoy so that diva can escape home, have a nice shower and get back to work the next day as usual. 
And the decoy works , Adam successfully lead himself in a car chase in the middle of no where, by six police cars and 4 helicopters
COPS: Forget that massive bank robbery, we'll go full force on that stolen Cobra.

Police logic: 2 cars for 9 person bank robbery, 6 cars 4 helicopters for a stolen car

Then a 3 car road block came for Adam, he successfully dodge the bullets from shotgun behind, and performed a Tokyo drift and then everything went havoc, car clash, explosion and maybe rainbow spitting unicorn... 
And this is how our hero escaped...
4 wrecked cars, 5 cars and 4 helicopters went missing magically...

And then the car finally cannot take the awesomeness and exploded
ridiculous jumping when explosion happened in movie not needed
Pretty much the same effect when i walk away and using remote control to lock my car

And the Video ends there. Take that Ironman, superman, spiderman, Thor, Neo from matrix, Hulk and every other super hero! Adam the office guy with no super power single evenhandedly escaped 9 heavily armed robbers, out run polices, destroyed 9 police cars, 4 helicopters without using a single bullet. 
and the burning flame only cause him to feel hot and take off his shirt.

Maroon 5's 'Pay Phone' music video is an interesting Play Maroon 5's 'Pay Phone' music video is an interesting Play Reviewed by Sin Tan on 17:28 Rating: 5

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  1. Haha i love this.. i love the song.. the clip tho.. oh dear god.. as an aussie with little knowledge of guns.. there is no fucking way you get out of there unless you use your own gun to great effect..


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