Coffee Play : Cafe Ki in Tokyo, Japan

KI means "tree" in japanese. Tree symbolizes giving life, natural spirit and longevity. In japan, maple tree symbolizes calm or at peace; bonzai symbolizes "truth" ,"goodness" and "beauty"; while cherry blossom tree symbolizes transience of life. 

Cafe Ki is a cafe in tokyo that tree as symbol throughout their cafe. Designed by japanese design firm id, The monochrome space features espresso colored steel poles that resemble the shapes of bare trees. The ‘trees’ double as a table leg and hanger for coats and hats. 

The main table in the middle of the room can accommodates more people, the wooden extensions help to maintain a comfortable sense of distance while sharing the table, as they also act as dividers.

Some interior shots of the cafe:

Close up shot of the branch:

Leaf shaped transparent leaf sugar cube plate:

Not only the interior but also, the graphics, uniform, website and original products were designed, themed as a whole...

Cafe Ki address: 

〒155-0033 東京都世田谷区代田5-9-5-1階-A

Exterior shot of the cafe:

But google street view photo has not been updated yet:

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