Interesting Play: Little baby Ice cream

warning: some not-so-safe-for-work-pic content. View at your own risk

What do you do during a hot day?

Sometimes we just chill, and do nothing:
real life Garfield , or what I looked like on Sunday

Sometimes we drink beer:
I shall list this one as of my to do list

Sometimes we take a shower:
above: what you think you looked like
below: what you actually looked like

Sometimes we play violin:

Sometimes we drink beer
yes I am mentioning beer again just to show this picture

Sometimes we don't give a f*ck:

Sometimes we buy ourselves and fly to arctic to play with ice:

Sometimes we eat the ice instead:
Must...resist ... the urge to photoshop...

Sometimes we wear less:
grandma is pleased with her birthday present

Sometimes we go to the beach:
probably making hot weather warmer

Sometimes we go out and take some fresh air, let the wind cools us down:
legend says that wind actually is male

Sometimes we drink beer
yes I am putting the beer again for obvious reason

Sometimes I eat ice cream when it is too hot.

There is an interesting ice cream brand called Little Baby's Ice Cream
Little baby ice cream is a ice cream company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Their ice cream is hand-made, premium, with special unique flavor such as pizza, coconut tea, bay rum, duck sauce, spicy mustard,Yards™ Chocolate Love Stout® Pomegranate, and the list goes on here. Public reviews mostly given 5 stars, with notable praises on their friendly service.

The founder's vision: “Unique flavors we wanted to eat and a unique experience for the people we served.”

Beside selling ice cream with friendly services, Little baby ice cream sells some other interesting product such as:

Creepy ice cream eating ice cream poster:

Creepy and muscular hot dog and ice cream poster:

 man licking scared ice cream poster:

However, what makes them a interesting play is the following advertisement video the made. Take a min to watch and you will know what I mean:

Yes I love my life I love my cream it's a feeling....I mean...I have never been so speechless in my life before I watch this . I swear your soul will be drag into this empty, mesmerizing black hole eyes of the character.
Exactly my face expression after watching the video

Not surprisingly the video went viral and little baby's ice cream was all over the internet for a while. And they don't seemed want to be stop and thrown this up:

Now they want to lick me...
Imagine how many people will freak out if i show this expression  while eating ice cream in public

Whoever come up with the idea, probably will call his/her children to dinner like this:

I don't know what else to say... my brain is too empty... I need ice cream...

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  1. wtf.. i know what to give you as birthday present.. *evil laugh*

  2. creepy right? don't tell me is ice cream -_-

  3. Wad the...........

    The last pic...... I can imagine...... if its u......


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